About us

BatleАrena – is a global sports media project that allows everyone to become a professional athlete in the field of Military Simulation competitions in real life, using airsoft pneumatic equipment.

According to the rules announced before the start of every season, competitions are held in most countries where Airsoft is a legal activity. The rules and scenarios do not change during the season.

During the season, teams participate in the so-called “Rating” tournaments on their own choice and gain the rating points, which allows them to be qualified for the “Title” tournaments like “World’s Grand Finals,” and Fight for the title of a country/continent/world champion.

There are four levels of teams, divisions – “Beginner,” “Amateur,” “Semi-professional,” and “Professional.” Moving between the first three is by winning the prize or last places in rating tournaments. The teams that win the highest positions in their country’s ranking at the date of such a tournament are considered qualified for the title tournaments. Only teams representing companies from the industry (Factory teams) participate in the “Professional” division. In fact, it can be any team that performed well during the season and was noticed by a company representative (scout).

The title tournaments “Semi-professional” and “Professional” are broadcast live on the project channels and allow each team and player individually to become a star of their favorite sport and inspire novice athletes to move to the heights of glory.

Play Better! ™️ and Show Yourself in the Game! ™️ – our two mottos that best reveal the essence of the project.