Bank Heist

Bank Heist Match Scenario

  1. Each team alternately plays as Robbers and Cops. A match consists of two Rounds. Teams determine by lot which side they play, then in the next Round the teams change sides / roles.
  2. As part of the Match, the task of the Robbers is to infiltrate the building that acts as the Bank, put the Gold in bags and deliver it to the Drop point. Each bar gives 1 point.
    Gold is accepted for offset only if:
    • if the Gold was removed from the bag and placed at the Drop point.
    • if at the end of the Round, there was at least one living Robber.
  3. The Reset Point can change its location during the Match, but is always located no further than 20 meters from the Bank. The organizer reserves the right to announce the location of the Reset point or not to inform the teams.
  4. If, according to the results of the Match, the teams have the same number of Points, the winner is determined by the number of defeated Robbers. If the number of Robbers hit is the same, then the winner is determined by the number of Cops hit. If the number of affected Policemen is the same, then at the discretion of the Judge, either an additional two Rounds are assigned, or – a Duel.
  5. The policemen are not allowed to touch the Gold.
  6. The task of the Policemen is to prevent the Robbers from earning points. The Policemen have a shield as a reinforcement. Also, the Policemen have 2 lives for each player. Robbers only have one life.
  7. The round lasts 5 minutes or until the Robbers are completely defeated. In the event of a complete defeat of the Police, the Round can be stopped ahead of time if the Robbers have placed all the Gold at the Drop point.

The round starts on a special signal. The Robbers are the first to act. 15 seconds after the start of the Round, the Cops enter the game. The Chief Judge gives the timekeeping and the signal.

Plunderers are prohibited from leaving the Plunderer area for 30 seconds from the start of the round. If the Robber enters the Police zone without waiting for the 30 second countdown from the start of the Round, the Judges must return such a player back. In case of gross violation of this rule, the Chief Referee reserves the right to assign a Strike to such a player.

15 seconds and 30 seconds from the beginning of the Round are indicated by the Chief Judge with a special signal and announcement.

| The game ends on a special signal from the Chief Referee.

| All signals and types of announcements are brought to the attention of the players before the start of the Tournament.

The games use the general rules of the BattleArena, taking into account that the Cops have 2 lives. Accordingly, hitting any part of the body takes away one life from the Policeman. The policeman can be returned to the game on his own after 30 seconds. The countdown of 30 seconds is made by the Player independently. In the event of a gross violation of the rule of counting 30 seconds and counting the number of lives remaining, the Referee has the right to call a Strike.
To facilitate the identification of the number of lives, the use of an armband is acceptable. After the countdown of 30 seconds, the Policeman rips off the bandage from his hand and continues the game.

It is forbidden to finish off a Policeman. A police officer cannot use a pistol in case of injury / defeat.

The policeman is only allowed to announce his defeat, any other negotiations and gestures that can be regarded as helping his players are prohibited.

Reavers only have one life. Hitting any part of the body results in the defeat of the player.

The Organizer gives a signal for the start of the Match only if all team members are at the Game Start Site.

It is possible to place additional ammunition, first aid equipment and other items in the playing area during the Match, if it is provided for by the Game Scenario.

When defeated, the Player remains in place, must sit or lie down on the floor, and remain in this position until the end of the Match. The defeated Player may identify himself with a red armband.
The shieldman (the player using the shield) in the event of a defeat must place the shield in front of him on the ground. If the shield is fastened to the shield shield at this moment, it is allowed to put the shield on its side so that the affected shield shield is visible from behind the shield.