Capture the Flag

  1. The flag is an object indicated by the representatives of the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the right to keep the appearance and location of the Flag secret. However, the Flag is always placed at one of the points marked accordingly on the Polygon map.
  2. The duration of one Match is 7 minutes.
  3. As part of the Match, the task of the Teams is to reach the Flag within the allotted time, capture the Flag and keep the Flag in their possession. The capture of the Flag is its touch. Holding the Flag is considered control of the Flag at the end of the Match. The control of the Flag is considered to be near the Flag in a radius of at least 3 meters of at least one undefeated Player of the Team.
  4. The Match may be considered completed ahead of schedule if one of the Teams admits defeat or is left without a single “live” Player on the Range, after which, before the end of the Match time, at least one player of the other Team reaches the Flag and touches it.
  5. If no Team managed to secure the Flag during the Match, a draw is recognized.
  6. The team that captured the Flag can move it to any point of the Polygon.
  7. The players of each team enter the Game with limited ammo. The organizer gives each player a package of balloons in the amount of 500 pieces (+/- 10 balloons). Balls are provided by the Organizer. Any other balls are prohibited. The player has the right to load balls into a mechanical magazine of an automatic weapon and/or into a pistol clip.
  8. Teams enter the Polygon from the Game Start Site.
  9. The Organizer gives a signal for the start of the Match only if all Team members are at the Game Start Site.
  10. Paragraphs 1-10 of this Specification describe the Basic Match Scenario.
  11. The Match Scenario cannot contradict the Base Scenario. At the same time, the Organizer has the right, at its own discretion, to supplement the Match Scenarios, while ensuring equal opportunities for both Teams participating in the Match. So the scenario of the Match may include additional tasks for the players (providing first aid, defeating 2 or more opponents by one player, etc.). In addition, by decision of the Organizer, it is possible to place additional ammunition, first aid equipment and other items on the Range during the Match, about which the Organizer notifies the Teams before the start of the Match.
  12. Defeat of Players and other parameters of the Game not described in this Scenario are governed by the general rules of the BattleArena.